Helen Parker

Friendly face & mental health professional.
  • I’m passionate about helping people to realise their potential by tapping into the power of their minds. After undergoing emergency brain surgery in 2014, where I lost the entire movement to one side of my body. I experienced a life changing insight on connecting my subconscious to the conscious mind in my quest to reactivate my body and learn to walk again.
  • From here, whilst still working in a senior exec position in the corporate sector, I trained at the Clifton Practice in London for the HPD in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – the gold standard in hypnotherapy. I subsequently left my corporate career to work full time as a therapist.
  • I mix a deep understanding of the pressures and challenges people face in fast paced environments with my own transformative life journey and professional knowledge to help people to create positive change in their lives.
  • Working with me you can expect quick results where you won’t focus on the problem but turn the intention and attention to creating and living a positive and peaceful life.
  • I’m also a qualified Reiki practitioner, where I channel the healing power of energy through myself to others.

Free Initial Consultation

In this free and no obligation initial session (50 mins) we’ll explore how hypnotherapy can help you. I’ll be gathering some information and explaining how the brain works and reacts. From this session you’ll walk away with a better understanding of hypnotherapy and how we’ll be working together. You’ll also take away a free recording to use in your own time to help ensure progress outside of the therapy room.

Professional Accreditation